Practicing Drills For Basketball To Learn Crazy Ball Handling Moves

Constantly playing the game of basketball is not enough to make you great at the game. You also need to perform drills for basketball on and off the court to focus on skills you need to enhance to become great at the game. Basketball requires a lot of skills from a player. The mere talent of shooting is not enough to excel in this game.

Ball handling and dribbling is a key component in the game. Each player is expected to be great ball handlers. So if you want to become a better basketball player, you may need to go through these fundamental drills for basketball that can teach you the different ball handling moves there is to know in the game.

· The Crossover. This move is a common thing to see on the court. You need to have this among your drills for basketball. All the great players use it and so should you. Basically, you can do it when you are approaching a defender with the ball on your hands. Supposing you are using your บาคาร่า  right hand to dribble, push off your right foot the moment it touches the ground and perform a quick and low dribble towards the left hand. As you do this, your right foot goes along with the ball across your body. Speed away from the defender as you get by him for the easy shot.

· Stutter Step. This is one of the great ball handling moves that you can use to complement the crossover. Approach the enemy while dribbling the ball. Then, suddenly execute 4 quick and choppy steps then explode by the defender. If you perform a crossover after the 4th quick step, then this move is called a Stutter Crossover.

· Spin Dribble. This move is better used in close proximities such as when you are on the post or if someone is guarding you too tight anywhere on the court. Supposing you have the ball on your right hand, position your left foot in front of the opponent’s right foot. Perform a sudden turn to the right and rub against the opponent’s right shoulder. Explode away from him/her by dribbling or you can perform the open shot.

· Hesitation. This is another great addition to your drills for basketball. It’s a great way to fool your defender to get by him and find an opening. Approach your defender while dribbling the ball. Make sure the ball doesn’t get too high, STOP, but make sure the dribble is still active. Put your weight on the left foot then rock back to your right foot. Then when you have your defender fooled, explode by him.

These are some of the basic ball handling moves you can practice and make as new additions to your drills for basketball. Practice them daily with a partner and you will become better in no time. You can also try to learn the inside out, between the legs, or behind the back dribbles. Dribbling and ball handling moves will become second nature when you are out on the court and dribbling your opponents off of their feet!

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