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Aesthetic liposuction procedure ( liposuction or liposculpture ) is a surgery in which Mr. Dr. Panțuru can restore a pleasant contour to any part of the person’s body (hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, back, arms or face), through certain special medical techniques to eliminate excess adipose tissue, extremely effective and after which the body can recover quickly.

Liposuction, the quintessential aesthetic method, can be of great help to those women and men who are not satisfied with the way they look and cannot get rid of excess fat just by taking diets and exercising.

This cosmetic surgery should not be considered a method of rapid weight loss, but only a less aggressive surgical procedure that corrects what is not possible to do by other classic methods: diet and a lot of exercises.


Aspiration, as it is better known to the general public Liposuction, focuses strictly on those areas where there are fat deposits that do not disappear by other methods and that spoil the aesthetic harmony of the body, as it is understood according to current canons of beauty.

These accumulations of fat are all the more unpleasant as they usually remain visible after a person has managed to lose a considerable number of kilograms on their own, with a very strict diet and a lot of exercises.

The location of excess adipose tissue can be extremely different, not only from one person to another but also depending on gender. In women, the deposits appear mainly on the abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, legs, as well as in the face and neck area (goiter), while in men the unsightly excess fat is present most often on the pectoral area, in the breast area (gynecomastia).

Necessary conditions for the success of a liposuction operation (liposculpture)

  • the stable weight of the person being operated on;
  • good skin elasticity;
  • there should be no cellulite in the areas where the intervention will take place;
  • being a purely aesthetic intervention, to reshape the body, in no case a simple method to lose weight effortlessly, only a relatively small amount of fat can be removed.

A person who wants to get rid of unsightly adipose tissue must know that, in order to be successful, this minimally invasive surgery must always be performed only after the end of the diet, and a weight stabilization is reached, not during the period when the number of kilograms still fluctuates. This is the only way to guarantee that the deposits of adipose tissue will be eliminated efficiently and that after the operation, no more will appear in other areas of the body.

In any case, only a maximum of 10 kilograms of fat can be removed in a single liposuction procedure, usually much less (5 kilograms, recommended).

The degree of elasticity of the skin is vital for the success of liposuction because the goal is for the skin to return to its previous form of accumulation of fat deposits in certain areas of the body.

This quality of human skin, elasticity, can be maintained at very good parameters even at older ages, so even at the second age this aesthetic intervention of body photosculpture can be performed, not only in young and very young people.

Dr. Radu Panțuru will determine exactly during the preliminary consultation whether the patient’s skin has maintained the necessary elasticity in order to achieve the elimination of unsightly fat deposits through the liposuction procedure.

Unfortunately, people with cellulite cannot benefit from liposuction, but the good news is that they can also confidently turn to the aesthetic doctor Panțuru to recommend other effective procedures in their case.

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