Attention Shoppers: Do You Really Need That Plastic Bag?

“The plastic bag is an acknowledged piece of Canada’s shopping society, yet it shouldn’t be. Consistently we use more than 9 billion plastic shopping bags in Canada. That is 17,000 bags per minute.”

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Canadians utilize 9-15 billion plastic shopping bags each year

To figure out exactly what number of bags that really is, picture this: on the off chance that we integrated 9 billion bags, they would circle the earth multiple times (Greener Footprints).

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Consistently it’s assessed between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are utilized over the globe. Despite the fact that they weren’t generally utilized until the 1980s, their effect has just been looked about the world.

A snappy walk around your neighborhood can regularly uncover how unavoidable plastic bags are with regards to the issue of litter. Dangling from tree limbs or tangled in fences, plastic bags have become a discouraging installation in urban green spaces like parks, schoolyards, and sports fields. Such litter isn’t just unattractive; it can likewise add to major ecological issues.

Huge developments of disposed of plastic bags can stop up waste frameworks and add to significant floods. Such flooding caused far reaching devastation in Bangladesh in 1988 and 1998. Manila has likewise been defenseless against flooding because of plastic-bag obstructed sewers. In 2009, over 80% of the Philippines’ capital was submerged. Hundreds were slaughtered and thousands more were left destitute when whole neighborhoods were cleared away.

Other oceanic disorder made by plastic bags has demonstrated savage to the individuals who live in the water too.

Around 100,000 whales, seals, turtles and other marine creatures are murdered every year by plastic bags, which can choke their exploited people or cause them to starve to death, as per Planet Ark, a global ecological gathering. A dead dark whale that washed aground in Seattle in 2010 was found to have in excess of 20 plastic bags in its stomach.

A 2012 University of British Columbia study found that 93 percent of stranded northern fulmars (transient seabirds identified with the gooney bird) had paunches brimming with plastic – a significant increment from the last time they were tried, in 1980.

Indeed, plastic bundling is gathering so rapidly, it’s relied upon to dwarf fish in the ocean by 2050, as indicated by an ongoing report by the World Economic Forum.


As per the David Suzuki Foundation, “Barely any plastic bags are reused. Most are utilized for a brief timeframe to convey food supplies, and afterward perhaps re-utilized as garbage bags or to wrap hound crap before winding up in the landfill or the sea. A few people contend that, since they make up around one percent of the volume of waste in landfills, we shouldn’t stress. Be that as it may, one percent of the monstrous measures of what’s in landfills is a ton, particularly since plastic doesn’t biodegrade.”

Most plastic bags are produced using polyethylene and can take many years to break down.

Be that as it may, steps are being taken to lessen the ecological impression of plastic bags. Utilization of plastic bags is either limited or totally restricted in over a fourth of the world’s nations.

China, Italy, Bangladesh, South Africa, and parts of Australia have restricted plastic bags out and out, while metropolitan bans exist in parts of India, Mexico, Britain, the U.S., and Canada.


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Plastaxes – assesses on plastic bags paid by customers – and new reusing laws have likewise been gotten to help address the issue.

In February 2016, Walmart Canada started eliminating one-use shopping bags at Canadian Walmart stores. Instead of these, clients will be offered limited reusable bags for 25 pennies. Be that as it may, plastic bags will in any case be offered for five pennies with an end goal to diminish the quantity of single-use bags they convey.

In my neighborhood (Sidney, British Columbia), the supermarket I visit doesn’t have plastic basic food item bags however they do offer single-utilize dark colored paper bags – or, obviously, you can utilize reusable staple bags or a reusable cardboard box, explicitly intended to hold the heaviness of goods. My own inclination is a container and a few reusable bags.

In spite of the fact that my locale is as far as anyone knows earth neighborly, I would need to state that, in view of my own perceptions, most of the market clients despite everything pick the single-utilize dark colored paper bag over the reusable bag and additionally box. What’s more, I don’t know why. Accommodation, maybe?

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