Everything you need to know about Ray Tracing

Forty-two years ago, Luke and Leia Skywalker, Han Solo and Darth Vader first appeared. More than names that seem to come out of a sci-fi trash book, the characters in “Star Wars: A New Hope” started the Blockbusters Era in Hollywood, bringing fantastic visual effects (for the time) and that kick-off for the future franchises that the geek community cannot live without. OK, but what does that matter to us, simple gamers from an indefectible continent, in the southern hemisphere of a pale blue dot? Graphics!!!

In that distant 1977, Apple was in diapers and the lightsaber was still analog. Computers had 4KB of ram memory and operated at light 1 MHz. Graphics cards, no way. For this noble intern, a nightmare. But it was the beginning of home computers and visual effects as we know them today.

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Back in 2019, the reality is that we like good graphics and lots of frames. The more realistic and the more “fps”, the better. The steady advance of PCs, Consoles, notebooks and smartphones leaves us more and more spoiled demanding, games even more immersive and in general, everything becomes more realistic.  

One of the main new features this year is Ray Tracing technology, currently exclusive to NVIDIA Geforce RTX Series 20 graphics cards, popularly called Geforce RTX. 

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