Reseller web hosting solution - easy to maintain and risk free

There are many reseller hosting business opportunities available on the Internet. Some of them are completely free and some of them are paid. We, at Resellers Web Hostings dot com have chosen the best free and the best paid reseller web hosting packages, both offered by Resellers Panel, and we have compared them in order to make the choice and setup of your personal website hosting as easy and fast as possible.

The automated free reseller program is the Resellers Panel own developed reseller platform and you won't be able to find it anywhere else on the web, while the cPanel reseller hosting platform is a well known online standard for reselling. Does cPanel web hosting sets the real today's standards? Really? Do you remember cPanel's multiple domain hosting solution, i.e. the domains' folder tree inside the public_html server folder? Well, you should. We would not say this is something that should set ANY standards in the 21st century...

So, lets get back to the good news. The main benefit you will get as a free reseller is that you do not need to pay any startup fees to start web hosting business of your own. You are not charged anything for reselling the offered services and will not be charged if you do not make any sales, either.

As a cPanel web hosting reseller you will be required to cover a monthly charge. However, it is well justified, since you will just pay for the resources that you will resell.

The free reseller does not need to be experienced in computing and website management. With the user-friendly point-and-click Reseller Control Panel interface, you can quickly build your online store. Its interface helps you easily design your store, using the free turn-key templates, create and select the packages you want to sell, and what features you want to offer your customers.

The cPanel reseller program, in turn, offers all the features you'd expect from an advanced and fully customizable reseller platform - MySQL databases, PgSQL databases, SSH Access. Each one of the cPanel base packages comes in various resource and feature sizes, giving you a complete choice over what plans you want to offer and who your target markets will be.

The free reseller gets a full set of private label reseller options that guarantees your anonymity. You can create your own brand name that will be featured on your store, your customers’ Control Panels and all the documentation related to your store like invoices, welcome emails and service notifications.

If you are serious about reselling and want to increase your profits, you can register a unique domain name for your store, at a very small cost. In addition, adding a private Domain Name Server cluster to your domain can increase your brands recognition among your customers.

For the cPanel reseller hosting you will have to configure and manage the above features on your own, but you will have a much greater control over these settings. With this, you will be able to more precisely target your potential markets and customers.

With the Free Reseller Program, Resellers Panel provides a professional 24/7 support that to handle your customers - through a ticketing system, email, online live-chat or phone. The experienced cPanel reseller, on the other hand, will need to take care of the support services personally.

The free reseller package has multiple options to grow with the advanced store set-up options at hand. You can create your own custom designed websites, link it with the Free Reseller program via the remote order and domains forms and the more advanced Reseller's API. This will give you full control over your store design and greater flexibility in how you build and market your services.

As a cPanel hosting reseller, in turn, you can expand your web hosting business by upgrading to a bigger package, giving you a greater amount of resources to offer your customers.

To summarize, if you have basic computing skills, then the Free Reseller Program gives you access to the tools, resources and support you need to start out in the hosting reseller business, without any financial risk.

If you feel you are more experienced and have bigger skills and understanding of the shared hosting, you have the possibility to move into the more advanced cPanel hosting reseller program, and enjoy greater freedom and control over the products and services you want to sell.

Shared Hosting

What Actually is Web Hosting?

If you would like to set up a web site and make it accessible to the whole world, it needs to be hosted on a hosting server. This service is called web hosting. You could host your website on your own computer at your house or at your workplace, on a personal computer which belongs to a pal of yours, and so on. If it is a site for experimenting purposes, there would be no real need for you to look for a more powerful web site hosting solution than that. If you desire to build a real website, however, which will be reachable by many persons and you would like to make it...


Possessing your own private site is compulsory today. The integration of the World Wide Web in our everyday lives implies that, in order for someone to become noticed, or to get his idea noticed, one needs to develop a web site and take it online. In order to do that, you actually require 2 things - a website and a hosting service. Before constructing a web site, though, it's vital to understand that there are diverse types of hosting services and that not all web sites can operate with a randomly chosen website hosting service. In order to clarify this better, let's start with the chief point.

Shared Web Hosting

The most basic and widely utilized kind of website hosting is the shared web hosting solution. It constitutes a means to host your web portal without having to know much about programming and operating a web hosting server. What's more, it's also the cheapest form of webspace hosting and it's in fact affordable for everyone. Still, what is shared web hosting? As the name indicates, the shared website hosting solution is a kind of service where a lot of users share the reserves of the same server. This implies that all hosting server elements like CPU, hard disk drives...

Affordable Web Hosting

When it comes to starting your initial web portal and starting your Internet presence, giving plenty of funds for the hosting service provision is probably not something that sounds quite appealing. Initially, the site you build may not appear the way you prefer it to, or may not attract many visitors, and the more you have paid to take it online, the more funds you may feel have been misspent. In this case, there are 2 possibilities you can pick from - a free hosting plan, or a cut-price paid one. With a shared web hosting plan, a number of users utilize one and the very same web server...

Reseller Web Hosting

A web hosting reseller solution is an option for the average user to earn cash on the web by reselling the web hosting server space offered by some hosting corporation. Most frequently, the hosting distributors offer private label reseller web hosting services, which denotes that the resellers resell the hosting packages on behalf of their own personal brand name. How it is all rendered accomplishable and what the separate types of reseller hosting plans are, you will explore in this story. The manner in which reseller web hosting works is dependent on the policy of the web hosting...

Free Web Hosting

On the hosting marketplace, a service called free-of-cost web site hosting still exists. For what purposes can the free web hosting service be utilized? When I'm launching a little web project, I normally begin with a free web hosting plan and then move on to a paid one if I opt to carry on developing the web project. So for me, the free-of-cost web hosting solution is great to start with, whether to test a new idea, to verify your web design capabilities or simply to get your small online project online. But, certainly, I wouldn't use a free web hosting company for a more sizeable web project...

What Does Website Hosting Mean?

Website Hosting is a sort of Internet service that enables persons and companies to make their online portals reachable on the Internet. Web hosting service providers are companies that offer data storage space on a server placed in a data center and ensure continuous Internet connectivity. The World Wide Web is an integral part of every individual's everyday routine. It offers you the chance to make additional profit, but can also be a major source of income. In order to display commercials on your website or to publicize a product that you offer, you always require...

Hosting Services

Running a web site these days is a requisite in terms of circulating personal views, advertising a brand new business or simply staying up to date with the current tendencies. As mails have replaced paper letters long ago and users search for pretty much everything on the World Wide Web, it is a commendable idea to launch an online portal where users can learn about you or your business - this is a means to get closer to them, to explain to them what you think or what you offer. Let's have a look at what you need in order to build a site and the separate hosting services that permit you to do that.

VPS Services

VPS Hosting

A VPS hosting server is a virtual web server configured on a physical hosting server, which enables clients to maintain their own server to host web content. It provides the ideal balance between price and performance, so it is frequently the preferred choice for heavy resource-devouring sites that cannot be accommodated on a shared hosting server. Since a couple of individuals maintain their own virtual web hosting server on the same physical machine, all resources can be availed of, which cuts the price per head. Each virtual private web hosting server gives root-level...

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Since shared web hosting accounts have limited quotas and a dedicated server is too expensive for the majority of people, certain web hosting service providers deliver a third web site hosting service type - the Virtual Private Server. This site hosting solution provides top-class performance at a quite inexpensive price and is regularly the preferred choice for online portals that consume a lot of resources. A powerful physical server is sliced into a couple of virtual servers that mimic the behavior of a conventional dedicated hosting server. There are multiple software...

Virtual Private Servers

To satisfy the need for cut-price, but reliable hosting services, suppliers launched an intermediate web site hosting environment - the VPS server. This is a virtual emulation of a server that functions just like a dedicated server hosting and is much more advanced than any shared web hosting plan. On the other hand, as lots of accounts are hosted on the very same physical web server and each customer pays for their account, the cost of a Virtual Private Server solution is significantly lower than the price for a dedicated web hosting server. A low-end Virtual Private Server account...


Virtual private web server hosting is a kind of hosting service, which enables you to take advantage of the features offered by a dedicated web hosting server and of all the bonuses associated with the latter, including complete server root access, at a fraction of the price of a dedicated server. Answering this question is not an easy assignment because there are many providers offering various Virtual Private Server web hosting plans and configurations. The very first step is to determine the amount of resources your site will require before you start looking for a web hosting provider.